Niceville High School Class of 1977
A Tribute to our friends...


Gilbert Boller

Kim Browder

Chet Chesser

Sam Cox

Marshall Decker

Diane Greene


Fallen Eagles

Parents wonder why
Families mourn
Partners grieve
Friends reminisce

Opportunity lost
Goals unmet
Grandchildren not enjoyed
Anniversaries no more

Footprints missing
Adventures cancelled
Music not heard
Dances not danced

Many reunions missed
Remain forever young
Smile down from heaven
Visit us in fond memories

                        - Tom DiFrancesca


Matt Henken


Ted Pickering


Eddie Ramsey



Britt Reaves
Online Tribute

Bill Smith

Mike Stefanic

Shaun Thomas
Online Obituary

Perri Whitley

If you have any additional information about our deceased friends, i.e. links to online tributes, etc. - please let me know and I will link to them from here. Also if you have any information on other Eagles who have passed away, please contact me with that info.

Tom DiFrancesca

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